Creativity on the Coast

Creativity on the Coast

Background to the Creativity on the Coast project

Understanding coastal heritage and awareness of healthy, seasonal and sustainable fishing requires a proactive approach to nudge, support and provide activities and education, that enable people to notice and develop knowledge and connections to the natural coastal environment and all that it offers. 
The group's (Sidmouth Coastal Community Hub) approach through arts, culture and heritage projects is designed to build confidence, excitement and creativity - the very elements that create and sustain interest, responsibility and aspiration, firstly in children and then throughout their journey through life.
Creativity on the Coast workshops are designed to create an informal creative 'classroom'.  This rich, innovative and exploratory environment enables children to be curious, stretch their comfort zone, create art that they own and are proud of, in a way that breaks down traditional barriers of what it is to be creative or artistic.  Through this we create conversations that are natural and inquisitive, to develop understanding, learning and connections with the coastal environment.
This learning approach helps students to realise the knowledge they have and to build on it, enabling them to invest themselves in sustainable development, contribute to preserving our oceans and all this alongside their own self-development. 

What are the benefits of the project?

The project is about building confidence and resilience to try new things, exploring and expressing yourself through creative, sensory activities.

Watch this wonderful, short video to find out from the children and adults, why this project is so valuable and enjoyable. Hear about how it contributes to improving outcomes across education, wellbeing and how it builds lifelong skills around confidence and resilience.

The Devon Education Fund is very pleased to have supported this creative and inspirational project.

Future plans for the Creativity on the Coast project 

The Sidmouth Coastal Community Hub aspires to bring these workshops to many more schools across Devon and the South West.

They are looking to work in partnership with other arts and cultural programmes to raise awareness of real-world issues and to provide opportunities for more people of all ages to connect with their coast through coastal art, cooking and fishing heritage.

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