Coronavirus: Support with Maths for Schools, Parents and Pupils

We are offering support to all adults working with children over the coming weeks and months, with the aim that we engage children in positive mathematical experiences where they are encouraged to think, notice and wonder. This is an opportunity for learners to experience the beauty and creativity of mathematics.

We will be providing weekly packages of ideas for Y1/2, Y3/4 and Y5/6 all starting from the same simple resource/experience that can either be found at home, created at home (with paper and pen) or accessed online; those working with children in schools may have access to alternative equipment for the same activities. Where children are able to work with other children, we would encourage working on the maths in a collaborative way, exploiting all opportunities for sharing ideas and building on each other’s thinking.

You will find there will be more than one way to engage with the activities and this is to be encouraged and embraced. Sharing different approaches will allow the learning to go even further and to that end we are encouraging you to tweet pictures and quotes from the children using #BabcockMathsAtHome and adding @BabcockLDPMaths to the tweet. Children from the same class working at home and those coming to school can all be working on the same maths and share thinking through emails etc.

Week 1 is “Playing Card Week”. For the activities you can either create a small set of cards from a piece of paper or use cards from a playing card deck. The focus for all year groups is on Additive Reasoning; addition and subtraction underpinned by reasoning and problem-solving. Y1/2 resource | Y3/4 resource | Yr 5/6 resource

Week 2 is "Shape Week". For these activities you use sheets of paper to create different shapes which are then explored in a variety of ways. The focus for all year groups is on Geometric Reasoning; understanding 2D shape underpinned by reasoning and problem-solving. Y1/2 resource | Y3/4 resource | Y5/6 resource

Week 3 is “Calculator Week”. For these activities you use a calculator to explore counting in different steps. The focus for all year groups is on Number; understanding number patterns underpinned by reasoning and representation. As we have reached the Easter holidays for all schools, we will take a week’s break and return with week 4 on April 20th.
Y1/2 resource | Y3/4 resource | Y5/6 resource

Mathematics Team

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