Transition Support for Reception Classes

Babcock Early Years Team Support for Reception Children

The Babcock Early Years Consultants are able to extend their Area SENDCo role and offer support to Reception for a limited period as an outcome of COVID-19.


Support Reception teachers and school SENDCos to:

Ensure that children who have been affected by lockdown, have missed early years education and are struggling to settle in school, have their needs identified and support provided
Reduce the number of children whose needs escalate, which directly impacts on their ability to access their education
Ensure that needs are addressed early and reviewed, therefore minimising the need to make requests for EHCP’s that have no supporting evidence
Reduce the risk of fixed term exclusions and permanent exclusions through the implementation of an inclusion plan

Access to support:

Babcock LDP Early Years Consultants will extend their Area SENDCo role to support Reception class teachers/school SENDCos with children who are identified as needing additional support. These children will not currently be supported by Nursery Plus or Babcock SEND and Inclusion Services.

The Early Years Consultants will provide virtual support to review individual needs and consider interventions for identified children who are failing to settle and engage effectively in their learning. An anonymised discussion can be provided in the first instance and further support could be offered with parental consent (see below). It will be agreed whether an onsite visit for an observation would be appropriate.

should be following the EYFS graduated response and ensure that universal and targeted strategies are in place. During discussion it will be agreed whether Early Help should be part of the response.

In addition to the EYFS graduated response schools should have regard to A Graduated Response to Emotional Health and Wellbeing 21.07.20

The EYC will contact the school to monitor progress and support with further advice and guidance as agreed. The school can contact the EYC at any point if things are not improving.

If you have any concerns regarding a child or require any additional information about this offer please email your allocated Early Years Consultant to arrange a time to discuss this further.


Contact email and mobile

School Locality Areas

Anne Hudson - Early Years Team Lead

07921 400927

Julie Adams - Lead Advisor for Learning and Development

07966 925439



Louise Carter

07968 818193




South Dartmoor

Teign Valley

Carolyn Huxtable

07704 542612 (please note, no mobile reception whilst working from home)




Chulmleigh Ilfracombe

South Molton

Sarah Murts

07933 396680


Newton Abbot



Julie Paddick

07866 701207

Axe Valley



Ottery St Mary

Sally Rice

07522 349794



Tavistock Torrington

Tamsin Robertson

07966 925487

Culm Valley Exeter


Karen Salter

07966 046059

Clyst Vale



Early Years Consultant Parental Consent Form during COVID-19

Name of child:

Date of Birth:


Dear Parent,

Your child’s school would like to request support from their Early Years Consultant (EYC) regarding your child’s development. In the first instance, this will take the form of a telephone conversation and may lead to a visit at a later date. A member of staff from the school will have spoken to you about how your child is learning, and possibly identified some areas where they would like some further support and advice.

The EYCs work for Devon County Council through Babcock LDP. We are all qualified teachers with expertise relating to EYFS, and have all been checked through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Our role is to provide advice and guidance to your child’s school to help them provide the best learning opportunities for your child. The EYC may make recommendations to the setting regarding strategies to support your child’s learning, and may signpost to other services. We do not meet with parents or provide advice to parents specifically. Our role is not to carry out specific assessments of your child and we do not provide direct support.

Your child’s school will be the first point of contact for you following the advice given, and it is the school’s role to share key aspects of any information provided by the EYC with you. All the information provided is confidential to the school and yourself.

Please sign below if you are happy for your child’s school to contact us. Please ask your school any questions about the advice given or our role if you need further clarification.

Babcock LDP, Early Years Consultant Team

Sign/type name: …………………………………………………………. (Parent/Carer)

Date: ……………

The information provided will be used for purposes relating to the referral to the Early Years Service and may be shared with relevant services and organisations. It will not be processed or shared for any unrelated purpose. For further information, please see our full privacy notice at

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