Research Projects

All Educational Psychologists have post-graduate research qualifications and these skills are utilised in a variety of ways, from small-scale to large scale pieces of work. For example, Educational Psychologists can support schools, groups of schools and learning communities with the following:

  • Analysis and advice regarding how to robustly evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and/or additional support given. 
  • The Educational Psychology Service can work with schools to design a framework for evaluating an intervention or project and can take the lead on methodology, data gathering, data analysis and the interpretation and reporting of the data. 
  • The development of Action Research projects where the Educational Psychologist works collaboratively with school staff to initiate a reflective process of intervention that includes regular reviewing, adaptation and aims to develop a greater understanding of effectiveness in the target area.

If you would like to discuss how the Educational Psychology Service can support you with carrying out research, please speak to your linked Educational Psychologist or contact us

Devon County Council also commissions the Educational Psychology Service to carry out research on their behalf. Currently, the following areas are being explored:

  • Identification of provision and intervention for Children in Care (CiC). Click here to read more about the findings of this research   
  • Promoting positive outcomes for Children and young people receiving Home Education 
  • How mainstream schools can work successfully with special schools to support children and young people through a dual placement
  • Identification of effective strategies and features of Devon Secondary schools that effectively narrow the gap. 

Trainee Educational Psychologists' Research Projects

Trainee Educational Psychologists within the service are also carrying out research in partnership with the University of Exeter. The following topics are currently being explored:

  • The use of Solution-Focused approaches by SENCOs and school staff in supporting pupils with Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties: An Action Research Study. Read more about the project. 
  • Exploring children’s perspectives of self-talk and their experience of an intervention to encourage compassionate self-talk. Read more about the project.

Research on Thrive

A summary of some of the research completed around the 'Thrive' programme. The research was completed by a member of Trainee EPs

Mentoring Programme for Children in Care

The Educational Psychology Service and Behaviour Support Service have developed a model of mentoring specifically developed for Children in Care.  Read more...

Transition Project for Anxious Students

Devon County Council has commissioned Babcock Educational Psychology Service to undertake a preventative project to support CYP to stay in education. Read a summary and the full report .

Domestic Abuse Services in Devon

A research project exploring the experiences of school staff in accessing support from domestic abuse services in Devon:
This research project was commissioned by Devon County Council in collaboration with Babcock Learning and Development Partnership. The aim of the research was to explore the experiences of schools in accessing support from domestic abuse services in Devon. Click here to read the research

Challenges for Professionals Supporting UASC

The challenges for professionals with supporting UASC and the opportunities which assist them:
This research project was commissioned by Devon County Council in collaboration with Babcock Learning and Development Partnership. It intends to obtain a deeper understanding of some of the challenges that educational and other professionals are faced with when supporting UASC in educational settings and to examine the factors that aid professionals in supporting UASC and their teachers in schools and colleges. Click here to read the research

What Supports the Successful Reintegration of Students

What supports the successful reintegration of students from alternative provision to permanent educational settings:

This research project was commissioned by Devon County Council in collaboration with Babcock Learning and Development Partnership. It intends to identify strategies and forms of support which promote successful reintegration of students within Alternative Provision (AP) back into permanent educational settings. Click here to read the research

The Group Overcoming Programme

The Group Overcoming Programme is a guided parent-delivered group programme to teach parents cognitive behavioural strategies that they can use with their child or young person to overcome anxiety. This is partly done by supporting them to work through an accompanying book (Overcoming your child’s fears and worries – a self-help guide using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques, Creswell and Willetts, 2007). Two evaluations of this intervention for young people who experience high levels of anxiety and/or autism were conducted.

Click here to read the first research paper

Click here to read the second research paper 


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