Service Delivery and DCC's policy on use of EPs

Working in partnership with Devon County Council, the Educational Psychology Service is commissioned to provide services and support to the most vulnerable and complex children and young people in Devon.

We also welcome school requests for traded work and are happy to consider all areas of work related to our areas of expertise. Please see our services page to find out more about what we offer.

The Devon County Council Policy on the use of Educational Psychologists

Devon County Council’s arrangements with regard to use of Educational Psychology services as part of the early help offer and statutory processes. 
The Local Authority commissions Babcock LDP to deliver an Educational Psychology Service across Devon. The service is made up of over 40 staff including a Principal Educational Psychologist, Senior Educational Psychologists, EPs, Trainee EPs and Psychology assistants.

This ensures that:

  1. A large and closely audited Educational Psychology service provides support commissioned by Devon County Council ensuring the Local Authority’s statutory duty in Education Health and Care needs assessments is covered across the county.
  2. All educational settings receive a consistent educational psychology service for Children and Young People 0-25 years. 
  3. All 384 schools and the 3 main FE colleges in Devon are supported by the Babcock LDP Educational Psychology service. 
  4. The quality of the service is audited by Devon County Council and includes Quarterly reports, Key Performance indicators, Quality assurance processes and professional assurance processes. This ensures that the EPs commissioned by Devon County Council are all regularly DBS checked, HCPC registered, up to date with Safeguarding requirements and professional CPD requirements. 
  5. Devon County Council’s 0-25 team and Babcock LDP EPs work in partnership, and have combined training and development together. For example, when Local Authority processes change, sharing of data systems and supporting each other around processes such as moderation panels. 

In addition the Local Authority commissioned statutory work, Babcock LDP also offer Early Help support from the Education Psychologist team: 

  • Schools hold responsibility for Early Help support and can commission Babcock LDP EPS or private EP providers as they prefer as per the guidance in the Code of practice (6.61) 
  • Two thirds of Devon schools and educational settings buy additional support from Babcock LDP EPS and this promote seamless support for CYP with SEND in these educational setting. Educational settings can buy from private educational psychologists, and this is a decision made in each local provider. 

Local Authority Principles 

The LA must, and does, considers all evidence presented by a school or parent, including any private reports. 

  • As per the Code of Practice (9.47) when a statutory assessment has been agreed if the LA is not fully satisfied with current advice further advice will be sought by the LA from its Commissioned EP service, Babcock LDP EPs. 
  • Babcock EPs will consider and include the content of all appropriate private reports in providing their statutory advice to the LA. 
  • The LA will not ask parents or schools to pay for any part of the statutory assessment they undertake. 
  • The LA statutory process includes a Team Around the Child meeting in the first assessment process. However The LA does not require the attendance of private 


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