Bilingual Writing Competition

The Devon Lockdown Bilingual Poetry Competition!

During Lockdown many of our bilingual parents struggled to help their children at home but they told us that their children were improving their home languages. We launched the Bilingual Poetry Competition to give parents and children something they could work on together and the results have been incredible- the competition was tough but we are delighted with our winning poems! 

An enormous thankyou to all the young bilinguals who took part and an even more enormous CONGRATULATIONS to our winners!

Key Stage One: 1st prize: Helena Sanchez (Stockland Academy), 2nd prize: Fode Sylla (Landscore primary)

Key Srage Two: 1st prize: Amelia Nowak (Hayward's primary), 2nd prize: Arthur Luchi (St Sidwell's primary)

Key Stage Three: 1st prize: Sabrina Donciu ( St Peter's Secondary), 2nd prize: Baxshnda Yasim ( Cullompton Community College)

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