Bilingual Support Teachers

Bilingual Support Teachers


Imagine how it feels to join a new school but not understand what your teacher is saying in class, or what the head is talking about at assembly or what the other children are calling in the playground. Imagine this is your son and you can’t explain to teacher that he is scared, or is a gifted musician or is struggling with maths. The Bilingual Support Teachers are able to bridge that gap for parents and children who are new to English. They can support bilingual children in reaching their potential and showing what they can really do. Bilingual support teachers help our bilingual pupils access the curriculum, improve their use of English and provide pastoral support.

The Bilingual Support Teachers also run a bilingual Induction program for new arrivals- you can book inductions by emailing us. 

Our bilingual support teachers speak Polish, Romanian, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Arabic, Hebrew, Bulgarian, German and Slovak. They are all highly qualified and experienced. As well as supporting individual pupils and their families they can deliver presentations for children, and insets for school staff on a range of topics varying from Using Persona Dolls to teach children about Islam, to Festivals Celebrated in Lithuania.

We also provide bilingual support for other languages needed in Devon, these are mainly short term support for inductions but also for interpreted support school meetings and exams.


EMTAS Bilingual Support Teacher Service

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