Gypsy Roma Traveller

Gypsy Roma Traveller

EMTAS provides a range of services to support schools to meet the needs of children from Traveller backgrounds (including Gypsy, Roma, Travellers of Irish heritage, Showmen, Circus and Occupational Travellers). These services include:

. The support of an Advisory Teacher to assist admission into school, to provide a link with parents, carers and communities, advice and direction on settling in, induction and transition.

• Short-term intervention programmes which can include in-class support, meetings and contact with parents or carers, together with regular advice and guidance for staff working with a child.

• Individualised transition programmes for Traveller pupils from primary to secondary.

• The support of an Advisory Teacher to help develop inclusive approaches, foster positive relationships and identify opportunities within the curriculum to value and promote Traveller culture.





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