Gypsy Roma Traveller

Gypsy Roma Traveller

EMTAS provides a range of services to support schools to meet the needs of children from Traveller backgrounds (including Gypsy, Roma, Travellers of Irish heritage, Showmen, Circus and Occupational Travellers). These services include:

  • Admission into school,  links with parents, carers and communities, advice and direction on settling in, induction and transition.
  • Short-term intervention programmes which can include in-class support.
  • Individualised transition programmes for Traveller pupils from primary to secondary.
  • support in developing inclusive approaches, fostering positive relationships and planning curriculum opportunities to value and promote Traveller culture.
  • Catch-up teaching onsite
  • Anti-racism CPD for school staff and workshops for pupils.


NEW REPORT: (2020) Bullied, Not Believed and Blamed The Experiences of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Pupils: Recommendations for Schools and Other Settings  

NEW GUIDANCE (NOVEMBER 2020) COVID-19: guidance for those leading a nomadic way of life



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