Race Equality

Race Equality

Reporting Racist Incidents

We respond to Racist Incidents by offering advice, resources and training. We will support your policy writing and guide you through your statutory duties at school regarding hate incidents.

Please download our Guidance on Preventing & Responding to Hate Incidents in your school. We need schools to take hate incidents seriously, racist name calling is not banter! Please report racist incidents by sending us this completed form BPHI Form


Black History Month October

We will be posting resources and links to activities to help you promote and celebrate black history.

BBC Black History Month Resources

Black History Month Newsround

Article (Independant) Why it's important to promote Black History Month

Article ( Guardian) Black History Month and British Identity





Anti Racism Lesson Plan KS3 Poetry

GRT Lesson Plan

KS2 Blue Eyes Brown Eyes

KS2 PSHE and Geography

Persona Doll Anti Racist Lesson Plan

Healing a Divided Britain

Report 2017- Equality & Human Rights Commission

BPHI Form- Reporting Racist Incidents 2018

Racism in the UK- News Items

Racist Bullying (Guardian 2018)

No Love for Hate

Teaching Resources

Racism in the UK- Reports

Healing a Divided Britain (2017)

Black History Month Resources

Black History Month Resources
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