Anti- Racism in Schools

Anti- Racism in Schools

One Minute Guide: Supporting Russian Pupils

Addressing racism towards Russian pupils in Devon schools

As educators we are in the privileged position of having influence and making change happen so that we help make a better future for all. Please get in touch for training requests, workshops with pupils and support in planning for an anti-racist, inclusive curriculum. As Devon is county with mainly white schools we have an even bigger job in debunking racist myths and ensuring black, Asian and minority ethnic pupils recognise and value themselves within their school environment. To start your journey towards racial literacy read:

Race & Racism in English Secondary Schools ( Runnymede, 2020) and  NEU Framework for Developing an Anti-Racist Approach 

We also highly recommend Chris Gaine's We're all White, Thanks  (Trentham Books,2012)

Reporting Racism Download our Guidance on Preventing & Responding to Hate Incidents in your school. We are seeing an increase in reports which is good news as it means Devon schools take hate incidents seriously. Please report racist incidents by sending us this completed form BPHI Form as soon as the incident occurs.

School policies Much clearer anti-racism policies are needed to institutionally embed a culture of anti-racism in schools. Please get in touch to review your race equality policy to ensure that black, Asian and minority ethnic students are not systematically disadvantaged. 

Black History Month October: We believe that BHM should be threaded into the curriculum and be part of our everyday educational provision but BHM is a good starting point for schools who want to challenge racism. We will be posting resources and links to activities to help you promote and celebrate black history.

BHM Resources for Teachers  






BPHI Form- Reporting Racist Incidents 2018

GRT Lesson Plan

KS2 PSHE and Geography

Healing a Divided Britain

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