UASC- Advice, Guidance and Resources

UASC- Advice, Guidance and Resources


These pages contain key documents, advice, guidance and resources used in Devon to support the needs of our Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children  



Advice & Guidance- Supporting UASC in School

Devon UASC are a diverse group of children with different cultural backgrounds and a wide range of languages. English might have been taught within the education system of their country of origin. For some UASC there might have been complete interuption of education for a longer period of time owing to conflict. Where an UASC arrives to Devon, an initial needs assessment is conducted as quickly as possible.

UASC that arrive to Devon have a complex educational needs. However, basic needs like physical health and safety as well as psychological needs such as self-esteem and belongingness provide the fundament for successful learning.

Our supporting resources can be found below:

UASC Devon Provision Map

Courses, booster sessions, Easter School

UASC Inclusion Checklist

Signpost-Advice & Guidance

EAL Proficiency Assessment with supporting strategies

Working with Interpreters



A brief summary of the general educational and cultural backgrounds of our Devon UASCs.

UASC Backgrounds





Race Equality Guidance and Resources

Children and young people tell us that bullying and prejudice/hate incidents (BPHIs) happen, and we are encouraging schools to record, report and respond to such incidents.

Children and young people learn best in an environment where they feel safe and respected. Being exposed to bullying and expressions of prejudice/hatred can undermine that sense of safety and respect and affect educational outcomes.

Resources can be found below.

Reporting and responding to Bullying and Prejudice/Hate Incidents (BPHI) in Schools

Please report racist incidents by sending us this completed form BPHI Form.

Anti Racism Lesson Plan

The videos below can be useful  for teachers, educators, foster carers or anyone wishing to learn more about Asylum Seeking Children.

My journey

This powerful video highlights a wide range of challenges for Asylum Seeking Children by focusing on their everyday experiences. Click here to watch the video.

Dear Habib

Dear Habib is a short animation sharing the true story of an unaccompanied asylum seeking child. Click here to watch the video.


The UASC Health website has information about public health, mental health and primary care of unaccompanied asylum seeking children.

UNHCR Safe & Sound provides extensive information on the best interests of unaccompanied and separated children in Europe.

Rights and Advocacy

Home Office guidance on Children's Asylum Claims


Becoming Adult website is an excellent resource which contains research projects, videos and comedy stetches. These comedy sketches tell, in a humorous way, the stories of unaccompanied young people and their challenges navigating the UK system.

You can also find some information about their international conference  “Constructing viable futures: Unaccompanied migrant young people transitioning to adulthood”, there are the podcasts and the power point presentations.


Naqeeb's story

Naqeeb is a refugee from Afghanistan who sought asylum in England. Click here to watch the video.

Naqeeb was rewarded in parliament for his efforts fighting Home Office mistreatment of child asylum seekers in 2019.

He says the award means a lot to him. “This award gives me strength. It shows there are people listening to our stories.”


UASC Statutory Guidance

Claiming Asylum as a Child-CORAM

Safeguarding UASC

UASC Inclusion checklist

Still in Harm's Way

An update report on trafficked and unaccompanied children in the UK

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UASC Devon Provision Map

UASC Devon Provision Map
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