SEND Review

“Educational excellence for children with SEND requires schools to use their best endeavours to meet the needs of all their pupils, and to monitor and track how well they are progressing. We know that classroom teachers are at the heart of schools’ response to meeting individual needs: excellent teaching is the key.” (Edward Timpson, former Minister of State for children and families)

The SEND review enables schools to evaluate the effectiveness of its provision for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities and helps to ensure that all children and young people, in all educational settings, achieve their very best, including the skills and qualifications that they need for successful transition to the next phase of their education.

The SEND review consists of a multi-step process and is led by skilled and highly experienced leaders of SEND with successful backgrounds in SEND, leadership and school improvement.

All SEND reviews are bespoke, building on the school’s own self-evaluation and reflect the school’s own requirements. The SEND reviews are a two-day package and provide a powerful opportunity for:

  • Improving the quality of provision of SEND
  • Incorporating a whole-school approach to SEND
  • Supporting SENCOs in the development of their role
  • Ensuring the school’s SEN statutory obligations are met

This will support the raising of standards and achievement of all pupils. The outcomes of this review can be used by the school to prioritise areas for SEN development contributing to the school’s self-evaluation and improvement plan.

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