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primary school buildingFor the most current and up-to-date information relating to COVID-19 and support for schools and settings during the wider re-opening phase, please visit our COVID-19 webpage. Any COVID-19 resources on our team pages are still relevant and useful but are more general or relate to earlier phases of lockdown and partial school closures. Many of our general resources will also be useful at this time.

Specific Communication & Interaction team CV19 supporting weekly theme resources can be found at:


Autism Education Trust - Schools Programme

Face-to-face training programmes and practical resources for practitioners and those working in mainstream and specialist schools. 

Autism Education Trust - Post 16 Programme

Face-to-face programmes and practical resourses for practitioners working in post 16 settings, including college, school sixth forms and universities.

Autism Education Trust - Early Years Programme

Face-to-face training programmes and practical resources for practitioners working in early years settings.

Communication & Interaction Team Remodelling Update - September 2020

As you may all appreciate the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is impacting on all aspects of school life for students, parents, staff and wider professionals. We will continue development and planning in respect of proposed service remodelling during this term and throughout the new academic year:


  • All C&I referrals received this term continue to be processed fortnightly:
    • Where specialist support identified, a team member has/will be in contact to arrange a visit (pending school RA's and CV19 guidance)
    • Where targeted support identified, they will be offered an appointment at a C&I virtual advisory clinic (starting w/o 2nd Nov 2020).
  • This term we are booking clinic cases directly into appointments from referrals held since CV19 lockdown. We need to maximise efficiency, due to the large number of cases on our clinic wait list. We have made these fixed appointments and hope as always setting staff will be able to make in-setting arrangements to be released. If you are unable to attend, please notify us at the below email, and we will schedule your appointment for the next cycle of clinic dates.
  • This term we will provide schools with the outline, process and format for advisory locality clinics starting in January 2021:
    • Dates
    • Booking System
    • Expectation on staff attending (case evidence and preparation)
    • Reporting
  • Proposal pending review:
    • To stop formal C&I referrals at this point (2020)
    • Commence virtual (Microsoft Teams Platform) C&I clinics for initial case enquiries
    • Settings will be able to book direct into a virtual clinic for their case(s)

We will continue to provide these development updates by:

  • SENCo updates, bulletin and newsletter
  • Babcock LDP Website

Thank you for your understanding during this phase, and a massive well done for continuing to provide a safe, engaging and enjoyable experience to your students as they return to settings to experience the unfamiliar…..familiar. The enormous efforts and achievements by education during this period has been acknowledged widely across all agencies.

Our team of C&I advisory staff remain fully available for contact during this period, so please don’t hesitate to contact them should you need guidance/advice to best support your students and families.

Our CV19 C&I webpage also contains many weekly themes that may be of benefit to your setting staff and parents/carers during these very different times, whilst many CYP adjust to changing expectations:

We are also hosting our 3rd Online Cygnet autism awareness programme for parents/carers in Nov-Dec 2020, and again this remains available to those families with a child on the autism assessment pathway, in addition to those CYP who have received a diagnosis. Full details available at:

If I can provide any further guidance/advice at this stage, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Paul Lamanna

Professional Lead for Communication & Interaction


The Communication & Interaction (C&I) Team consists of highly qualified and experienced Advisory Teachers, a Speech and Language Therapist, a Pre-5 Autism Specialist and Specialist Support Assistants. We offer support, advice and guidance for children and young people where Autism and/or Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) is the primary need.

Who do we work with?

We work in partnership with educational settings from 0-25, as well as individual children and their families. Where possible this is in partnership with other agencies in education, health and social care.

What do we do?

We enable settings to provide best practice in educational provision for pupils with Autism and SLCN, including:

  • high quality teaching
  • targeted group interventions
  • individualised learning

We enable staff to meet the needs of pupils through whole-school development, consultancy and training. In collaboration with schools and other professionals, we support parents/carers through parent programmes for both Autism and Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN). Direct engagement with parents/carers is always facilitated in partnership with school staff.

How do I access the service?

The Communication and Interaction Team considers referrals directly from schools and settings, which are processed centrally. A referrals meeting is held every two weeks during term time. Once a referral is accepted, an Advisory Teacher will be allocated and make contact with key professionals within the setting. The referral form is available to download at the top of this page.

The AET is a partnership of a wide range of individuals and organisations focused on improving the education of children and young people with autism from the voluntary, public and private sectors. It also actively engages with young people, parents/carers and practitioners to inform its work.

The Communication Trust is a coalition of over 50 not-for-profit organisations.  Working together they support everyone who works with children and young people in England to support their speech, language and communication.
Our service is based on evidence based standards and frameworks commissioned by the Communication Trust.

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