Parents and Carers

The Communication and Interaction (C&I) Team may identify a way of contributing to the support that schools and settings provide to parents/carers of a child or young person who has C&I needs.  This may involve meeting with parents/carers on the school site and/or offering further advice in relation to particular C&I issues for their child.

In collaboration with schools and professionals from other disciplines, the C&I Team will also be involved in organising and delivering parent programmes such as Cygnet and Robins (in this case, specifically targeted towards families of children and young people with a diagnosis of autism). 

Parent programmes will be delivered in collaboration with schools and settings and will offer indirect support to them in terms of improving parental confidence and fostering positive relationships.
The C&I Team are a school based service, therefore, any direct involvement with parents/carers will be carried out in consultation with the school/setting.

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