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Who do we support?

We provide ICT advice and support for children and young people with sensory, physical, significant learning and / or communication and interaction difficulties.

We visit children and young people (CYP) aged 3-19yrs with sensory, physical, communication and interaction and/or significant learning difficulties or an identified ICT/SEND need as part of EHCP/ statement/My Plan.

The Referral Pathway

To make a referral please use Request for Access Form at the top of this page. See below for the eligibility criteria.

If you have queries as to whether a referral is appropriate, please email us.

The ICT/SEND team considers referrals for support directly from schools, settings and health. A referral meeting is held fortnightly (term time) where each case, with supporting evidence e.g. Graduated Response is considered. At the referral meetings there are representatives from all Babcock SEND teams: Sensory Impairment, Physical Difficulties and ICT, Communication and Interaction, Social and Emotional Mental Health. If one or more SEND need is identified during the meeting the opportunity for joint working ensures that the individual needs of the child or young person are met.

Process after the Referral

Once a referral is accepted letters will be sent to the referrer / school / setting informing them of the decision made at the meeting. Contact will normally be made within 3 working weeks (term time only).

School / Setting Visits

We support access to ICT technologies and provide advice on using ICT to enhance learning. We are committed to working in partnership with children and young people, parents, schools and other professionals.

When we have seen the CYP we report back and give advice to their teachers and teaching assistants regarding their access to the whole curriculum.

We can:

  • Work with individual children in school
  • Work with SENDCOs, teachers and support staff
  • Advise on access issues e.g. alternative mice and keyboards
  • Provide recommendations to support individual targets
  • Advise on use of ICT to support differentiation
  • Recommend software and hardware
  • Advise on possible sources of funding for equipment recommended
  • Meet with parents
  • Liaise with other professionals e.g. Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Physiotherapists, 0-25 Team
  • Work collaboratively with other professionals within Babcock LDP e.g. Advisory Teachers and Educational Psychologists
  • Attend TAF meetings and support recommendations
  • Support transition between Key Stages
  • Provide staff training directly related to ICT/SEND needs

Consultation without a visit

Sometimes schools / settings require general advice or about certain elements of educational inclusion for CYP and we can discuss this over the phone or via email giving advice which will then not give rise to the need for a visit. This can include issues about:

  • ICT Equipment
  • Apps & Software
  • Exam arrangements


We can also provide schools and settings with a wide range of ICT/SEND training opportunities available through CPD Online published courses.See www.babcock-education.co.uk/ldp/courses/bookings or bespoke packages, depending on the requirements.

DCC Local Offer: Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria & Support Allocation Matrix for Babcock LDP ICT/SEND Team

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