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Data and Assessment

primary school buildingFor the most current and up-to-date information relating to COVID-19 and support for schools and settings during the wider re-opening phase, please visit our COVID-19 webpage. Any COVID-19 resources on our team pages are still relevant and useful but are more general or relate to earlier phases of lockdown and partial school closures. Many of our general resources will also be useful at this time.


The Data and Assessment team supports schools to provide effective advice and guidance on all elements of statutory national curriculum assessment, recording and reporting requirements across all key stages.

The team continues to provide comprehensive information in relation to pupil performance data issues in schools and colleges, working with a number of external data providers to ensure that Devon schools have access to up-to-date information, advice and guidance in a period of fast moving educational developments.

In addition, the team are able to support bespoke training and guidance drawing on the most recent legislation and information to meet the needs of the educational community in Devon.

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In the 2021 to 2022 academic year, it will be statutory for schools to administer a past version of the check to year 2 pupils during the second half of the 2021 autumn term.

The DfE have updated their guidance on reporting to parents for pupils at the end of KS1 & KS2 as well as their guidance for all year groups.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): school and college accountability 2020 to 2021.

Have a look at future dates for primary assessments

Pobble guidance can be found on their website.

Teacher assessed grades for students - Students will receive grades awarded and determined by teachers, with pupils only assessed on what they have been taught, the Education Secretary announced today (Thursday, 25 February).

The Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA) will be statutory in schools from September 2021. Headteachers will receive a link to a short online form from the DfE. This form captures key information about their school and gives headteachers the opportunity to nominate an RBA lead to oversee the day-to-day running of the assessment. Headteachers should complete the confirmation form by Friday 18 June. If your school has not received a link by Friday 21 May, please contact the RBA helpline on 0330 088 4171 or email

Keeping you up to date

Communication received 7 June 2021

The Schools Pre-Inspection Data & Insight Team have updated the inspection data summary report (IDSR) with absence data from autumn term 2020, based on the DfE published data. The absence data used in the IDSR is based on the DfE census collection and has been provided as a new section within the IDSR. This is different to the daily attendance collection which schools have submitted throughout the pandemic, which will not be used in the IDSR.

This data relates to absences during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As such, users should not directly compare 2020 autumn absence to historic absence rates. There may be a number of reasons for changes in absence rates. Inspectors will not use the 2020 autumn absence data by itself to draw conclusions but may use it to prompt questions regarding how well attended a school was during this period. Inspectors may also use previous years’ data to provide context to the latest data, particularly where a school has previously had high or low absence rates in relation to other schools.

It is important to note that:

If a pupil tested positive for COVID-19 then this absence should have been treated as an illness and included within the data.
However other COVID-19 related absence, such as pupils being sent home to isolate, did not count as absences within the data.

Further detail on how absence rates have been calculated can be found in the DfE published methodology.

Please ensure you download the latest version of your IDSR, which will have 7 June 2021 release date.

Should you have any IDSR or Ofsted IDSR service queries, please contact either:

Schools team -
16 to 19 team -

Kind regards,

The Schools Pre-Inspection Data & Insight Team

Team email:

IDSR guidance

Communication received 22 January 2021

Here is a communication from Ofsted regarding the release of an updated inspection data summary report (IDSR), affecting all schools. Please can you cascade to the schools in your authority:

Today we have re-released the inspection data summary report (IDSR) to allow schools access to the latest data. This release has been delayed from the autumn term. We have decided to release it now as we want to provide schools with access to the latest version, should you wish to review it. We understand the pressures schools are currently working under. There is no expectation for you to review this information at this time.

All performance-related data within the IDSR still relates to 2019. The Government announced that it will not publish any school or college level educational performance data based on tests, assessments or exams for 2020.

The following has been updated:

  • contextual information based on the January 2020 census including pupil movement information
  • exclusions data has been updated to the final release of 2018/19
  • three term absence data release of 2018/19 data (postponed from April 2020)
  • final retention, completion and attainment 2019 key stage 5 data (postponed from May 2020)
  • latest destinations (key stages 4 and 5) data
  • latest school workforce census data
  • latest financial data.

Please ensure you download the latest version of your IDSR, which will have 22 January 2021 release date.

In addition to data updates, we have released some minor developments as a result of feedback and have published an updated HTML guidance document for the IDSR. This includes example reports, located here:

IDSR guide

16 - 19 IDSR guide

Should you have any IDSR or Ofsted IDSR service queries, please contact either:

Schools team -
16 to 19 team -

Kind regards,

Schools Pre-Inspection Data & Insight Team

Team email:

IDSR guidance


Standards and Testing Agency communication 18th January 2021:

Information: early years foundation stage profile

In 2021, the early years foundation stage (EYFS) profile will not be mandatory but we will require providers to use their best endeavours to complete it and provide the information to year 1 teachers and parents, if this is possible. This will be a judgement for schools and practitioners, depending on their individual circumstances.

We recognise that the EYFS profile is a valued and crucial tool, which supports children’s development and their transition from reception into year 1. However, we understand the additional pressures that teachers are facing during this challenging time.

Schools that complete the EYFS profile in the summer term will not be subject to statutory external moderation. There will be no requirement to submit data to the local authority or to confirm whether you have completed it to the Department for Education.

This change applies to schools that are early adopters of the EYFS reforms, as well as schools that are following the current statutory framework.



Standards and Testing Agency communication 7th January 2021:

Information: cancellation of 2021 national curriculum assessments
The Prime Minister announced earlier this week that primary schools should move to remote provision, except for vulnerable children and the children of critical workers. We recognise that due to the further disruption caused by this change, key stage 1 (KS1) and key stage 2 (KS2) national curriculum assessments cannot continue as intended.  

The following assessments, scheduled between April and July 2021, have been cancelled:

KS1 teacher assessments
KS2 tests and teacher assessments
phonics screening check
all statutory trialling

Schools do not need to complete any further activities to prepare for these assessments. Local authorities will not need to undertake monitoring or moderation activities.

We know that schools will continue to use assessment to inform teaching, to enable them to give information to parents on their child’s attainment in their statutory annual report and to support transition of KS2 pupils to secondary school. We strongly encourage schools to use past test papers in their assessment of pupils.

These arrangements will apply for summer 2021 only, and we are planning for a full programme of primary assessments to take place in the 2021/22 academic year. This will include the introduction of the statutory reception baseline assessment and multiplication tables check, as previously announced. We will confirm full details for 2021/22 primary assessments in due course.



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