Analyse School Performance (ASP)

Analyse School Performance (ASP) has replaced RAISEonline which closed on 31st July 2017.

ASP is still under development and periodically has new releases including updated data or new functions.

Access to this service is via the Department for Education’s Secure Access portal, which allows you to use the same login details for a number of different education data websites. To access the site you will need to contact the Secure Access Approver at your school.

Download the guidance below for details on how the Secure Access Approver can give you a login and what to do when the school's Secure Access Approver has left.

Information available in ASP includes:

  • Inspection data summary reports
  • School performance summaries
  • Key Stage 2 data and additional reports
  • Key Stage 1 data
  • Phonics data
  • Early years foundation stage data
  • Absence and exclusions
  • School characteristics

STA’s correspondence to schools in November 2018 relayed an email address for ASP related queries:


Analyse School Performance (ASP)

Formerly RAISEonline

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