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Here we have identified information you may find helpful. Including: Headteacher Key to Success and Perspective Lite accounts, ASP guidance, GDPR and Data Collection.

Analyse School Performance (ASP) Difficulties

I need a login – We are unable to provide schools with their log in details, access is provided by the Secure Access Approver in your school.


For guidance on how a Secure Access Approver sets you up or if your Secure Access Approver has left please have a look at our ASP folder for guidance.

Perspective Lite Difficulties

Forgotten Passwords or Usernames - There is a username/password reminder facility available on the home page. We can send a password reminder if you need one.

Need to update the school’s account – If you have a new Headteacher you will need to have the account updated in their name. Email us with their name and email address.

Guidance on: accessing documents, viewing school visit notes and accessing data can be found in our Perspective Lite folder.

Pupils records not come through from previous school? (Key to Success)

Section 12.3 of the KS2 Assessment and Reporting Arrangements (ARA) document clearly state:

'If a pupil moves to another school in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, the pupil’s CTF and educational records must be passed to the new school. Academies are not subject to these regulations, but are expected to adhere to the following protocols as a matter of good practice.....

Information must be transferred within 15 school days of the pupil ceasing to be registered at the old school.'

If you are unable to wait please be aware that your Headteacher will have access to Key to Success, which will have any available historical results for your new pupils and pupils that have attended schools out of county.

The Key to Success home page has contact details for if you need help with registering or are having difficulties with your account.

When considering assessments what does it mean to have a pupil working out of year group?

When considering assessments what does it mean to have a pupil working out of year group?


Pupils working in a lower National Curriculum Year (NYC) than their chronological age will need to have the following two rules applied to them:

  1. only submit once per child per assessment e.g. a child who is 6 and repeating their EYFSP year will only have one profile submitted for them.
  2. only submit when the child has finished the appropriate programme of study therefore it is their national curriculum year group that dictates the data submitted for them e.g. a child who is 11years old but in year 5 will not have KS2 TA judgements submitted for them until they have reached the end of year 6 and therefore completed the KS2 programme of study.


There is a document called Educating Out of Year Group that can help with aspects of having a pupil working out of year group and what you will need to do and who you will need to inform. Make sure the pupil’s NYC group is clearly identified in your school’s management information systems.

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