Training Handouts - Communication and Language

Useful Books and Resources

  • BabyTalk, Dr Sally Ward,
  • The Social Baby, Lynne Murray
  • The Social Toddler: Promoting Positive Behaviour by Clive Dorman and Helen Georgina Dorman Book and DVD
  • Why Love Matters, Sue Gerhardt
  • Sustaining Shared Thinking, Jenni Clark
  • Inclusion Development Programme – Supporting children with speech, Language and Communication Needs: Guidance for Practitioners in the EYFS (put into search engines)
  • From ICAN box sets…
    • Babbling Babies, Activities to build babies’ language development
    • Toddler Talk, Activities to build toddlers’ language development
    • Chatting with children activities for 3-5


Book Area Audit

Causes for Concern

Communication Chain

Communication Pyramid

Development of Attention Skills

Did you know...

FAW - Bilingualism

Glossary of Terms

Interaction Strategies

Listening and Attention Developmental Progression

Physical Environment Audit

Snack Time Audit

Speech Wheel

Stages of Communication and Language Development Monitoring Tool

Supporting Vocabulary

Top Tips for Snack Time

(for helpers)

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