Training Handouts - 2 year olds

EYFS Progress Check at Age Two

Download and complete the progress check

Books and Resources

  • What every Parent needs to know by Margot Sunderland
  • Getting it right for 2 year olds by Penny Tassoni
  • Two year olds in Early Years settings  by Julia Manning- Morton and Maggie Thorp 2015
  • People Under Three by Sonia Jackson and Ruth Forbes
  • Understanding schemas in young children: Again! Again! by Stella Louis
  • Developing play for under 3's 3s with Treasure Baskets and Heuristic play by Anita Hughes
  • Bottles, cups and dummies -  Babcock publications
  • No Biting: Policy and Practice for Toddler Programs 2008 by Child Care Solutions (Creator)
  • I am 2 by Kay Math
  • Elizabeth Jarman - series for 2s.
  • The Social Toddler (book and DVD promoting positive behaviour) by Clive and Helen Dorman
  • Toddler talk card box -

Our 2 year olds need extra attention : Key Points to Consider


Listening & Attention – Understanding – Speaking

  • Slow speech down
  • Talk less and shorter phrases
  • Comment rather than question (open ones)
  • Instructions clear and simple
  • Quite attention is great

Creating an enabling environment

  • 2 year old do not need to sit and listen in a big group at any time, what is offered to them should be interesting and exciting and usually hands on with an adult
  • Provide enough resources, no waiting time for toys
  • Teach children the words for how they feel
  • Lots of sensory experiences
  • Provide time and opportunities for 2 year olds to have quiet relaxing time when needed every day, often with an adult
  • Gross motor opportunities inside and outside available all the time

Protected Time for 2 year olds, individually every day.
2 year olds need double the adult input (than 3&4s)
2 year olds need you to support their learning and development.

Written by a setting in Devon after EYC setting support and training.


Stages of Communication and Language Development Monitoring Tool

Action Songs and Rhymes

Cognitive Development for Toddlers 2-3

Learning Environment for 2 year olds


Nappy Changing Procedure

Open Ended Resources

Quality and Inclusion Advice - Biting

Quality and Inclusion Advice - Toileting

Role of Key Person


Settling in Advice for 2 year olds

Sleep for 2 year olds

What does the day look like when you are 2?

Two Year Old - Time Audit

Two year old progress check

Integrated Review and Guidance

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