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We are a team of English Advisers that cover primary and secondary English teaching and learning and school improvement. We have a range of experiences both in advisory work and in schools at  classroom and leadership level. We work across the country and abroad, making the best use of technology when necessary to ensure our work  is cost effective. At the heart of our work is a love of books and a belief that all children can learn to read and write.

"It has been very exciting being part of the project. We had a very inspiring staff meeting a couple of weeks ago when everyone involved in the project shared their thinking and the outcomes of their learning and research. Everyone came away feeling excited and inspired."

(Narrowing the gap project school)

We support teachers, teaching assistants, schools, subject leaders, senior leaders and groups of schools to develop their teaching of English as part of whole school improvement. We work with ITT institutions, Exeter University, Edge Hill University, The Institute of Education (UCL), FFT and other local authorities to bring the broadest range of ideas to classrooms.

"I can not express enough thanks for your training tonight.  All our staff are now so inspired and motivated to get our children's spelling up to standard!  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

(Subject Leader following WebEx spelling training)

The principles that we base our work on are:

  • Credibility and quality
  • Innovation
  • Research-based learning
  • Collaborative working
  • Quality CPD at every level

"...helpful, very clear information, good as ever, well-presented and succinct." 

(DAPH Headteacher briefing)






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