Assessing Starting Points Guidance Autumn 2020

As promised, we have now produced guidance for Primary schools on approaches to assessment of starting points in September.

We hope this will support your planning for the return of all children in the autumn, and your recovery planning for 2020/21.


Assessment of Writing

Assessment of Writing is an innovative programme providing support and guidance to help teachers make accurate, evidence-based assessments of writing across KS1 and KS2 and to establish appropriate expectations for each year group. The publication is an annual subscription which includes annotated samples of writing from Yr1 to Yr6.  Download a Yr4 example of the annotated children's writing based on the teaching sequence I Don't Believe it, Archie! by Andrew Norris.  If you have a subscription to the teaching sequences, you will already have access to this sequence.

The publication also includes complete samples of children's writing from Yr1 to Yr6 assessed at the Expected and Greater Depth standards. To see a sample of Yr3 writing assessed at Expected, click here.

Our most recent addition - Assessment of Writing Progression - provides two pieces of work from each child (one child per year group) and a supporting commentary detailing progress made from elicitation task to final outcome.

Purchase a subscription to Assessment of Writing here.

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