Remote Learning: English

Remote Learning: English

Weekly English plans for teachers and parents

Each term-time week during school closures, we will upload ideas for home learning activities that make use of some of the fabulous resources out there. We've aimed to filter the enormous amount of information being made available, picking out what we think are some of the best activities to present in a simple format.

Follow the links to the right of this page to find what we've suggested for Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Key Stages 3 and 4 children.

You can tweet what you’ve been up to using the Twitter handle @BabcockLDPEng and the hashtag #BabcockEnglishAtHome!


Below, you can find links to sites that we like. These offer a wide range of activities to engage and support children in English when learning at home. We've used a number of them in our Home Learning activities suggestions.


Recorded daily phonics sessions and other supportive resources.

Daily lessons brought to you in your home

There are regular broadcasts while school closures are in place. Check the times of these – many have reserved a particular slot in the day but some are also making live broadcasts available for access afterwards.

We've also selected some sites for teachers to access when setting home learning tasks. (Don't forget to check out our own by following the links to the right of this page!).

Sites with ideas for activities

These usually offer some sort of stimulus and then have a dedicated area with related activities. We’re re-presenting a few of these ideas in a common format for easy use in our weekly home learning activities for KS1, KS2 and KS3/4 pupils.

Storytime reads and online books

Enjoy well-known and much-loved authors and illustrators sharing great read-alouds. Don’t forget there are many other places to go for recommendations of books for parents and teachers to read to children themselves: follow links to some of our favourites, and check out the Devon Schools Library Service ideas.

The School Library Service has compiled a list of publishers giving permissions for books to be shared during wider school closures. Download it from the SLS webpage here.

Areas to explore and enjoy

Here you’ll find sites that are simply worth immersing yourselves in for lots of other information, entertainment and learning.

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