Secondary English Training and Support

Secondary English Training and Support

Subject specific training for non-specialist English teachers

Finding good classroom teachers in English who are also suited to your children and your school's context has never been more challenging.  We are running subject specific English training for secondary teachers.

Teaching Vocabulary

There is a great deal of excitement about the growing body of research into the power of teaching vocabulary throughout Secondary education in order to alleviate the widening gap between word-rich and word-poor children.
But how can we translate the research findings into manageable practice?
This practical course is suitable for secondary teachers from across the range of subjects and focuses on practical strategies that can be used in the classroom every day.

Integrated and Engaging Grammar

Secondary English Teams are well aware of the increased challenge and expected standards for grammar at KS2 and we are working hard to improve the teaching of SPG at KS3.
However does our current pedagogy support the integration of grammar into our everyday learning sequences?
And are our pupils really engaged in their grammar learning?
This practical course will provide Heads of English, Key Stage Coordinators, English Teachers and Non specialist English teachers with example materials and will model approaches to take back into classrooms.

Nipping 'The Gap' in the bud

In your current Year 7 cohort there will be a group of vulnerable pupils, most likely disadvantaged, who were achieving well in Year 6.
Experience and data suggests that the attainment gap between these Year 7 pupils and the rest will now begin to grow.
So, what exactly was it about the learning environment of primary school which enabled these pupils to flourish?
How can we replicate this supportive environment in Year 7 to support transition and ensure continued progress?

What's New about Literature?

How many English teachers and departments treat the study of Literature as a new subject?
How many of us have realised that Literature is in many respects a new discipline for our Year 7 pupils?
This practical course will support English Subject Leaders and English teachers in enabling a successful transition between Key Stages 2 and 3 in English Literature in order to enable pupils – in particular disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils – to make more rapid progress at KS3 in a subject which will be largely new to them.

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