We have a wide range of spelling resources to support you in the classroom.  These include spelling pathways for each year group, examples of spelling journals, error analysis charts and mastering proof-reading support.

No Nonsense Spelling

You can find details of our award winning No Nonsense Spelling Publication here and see details of the training we offer.

We base our work on a three part cycle of teach, apply and assess and within this focus on spelling before writing, spelling at the point of writing and spelling after writing.

Spelling pathway Years 2-6

Teaching a mixed age whole Key Stage 2 class?

We have worked with one of our Devon primary schools to plan the teaching of spelling, using No Nonsense Spelling, to a class of Y3-6 pupils over a two-year rolling programme. Download our suggested route through each year by clicking on the buttons below...



Error analysis chart

When thinking about what to improvements to pupils' spelling to focus on, it is helpful to clarify which patterns and types of words individuals and groups are stumbling over.

The images below give some idea of how teachers might then address the issues identified through the school's spelling programme (in this case, No Nonsense Spelling).


Proofreading prompts for teachers

When teaching children to master proofreading, we'd encourage them to move from dependence to independence gradually, with each process being modelled.

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