Christmas sequences

Christmas sequences

For some great Christmassy ideas, take a look at the FREE sequences below...

Visit our Christmas Re-think Reading! Plans page to download 4 FREE sets of guided reading plans for the festive season.

Y5/6 The Call (poetry)

This poem by Charlotte Mew has a number of possible themes and interpretations. We have chosen to make a link to elements of the Christmas story but you could equally well teach this at another time of year and focus on something else. The change and development in atmosphere using film techniques is a key part of the sequence. Grammar activities include those to support the teaching/revision of noun phrases (pre- and post-modification, verb choices, and commas for clarity.

The poem is widely available online: search for The Call by Charlotte Mew.

Y5/6 Spanish Lottery Christmas Advert

Released in November 2015, this is a beautiful advert to show the sharing nature of Christmas.

Watch the video on YouTube here.

Y5/6 Christmas Tales: Storyworld cards

This sequence makes use of a fantastic resource - a pack of cards containing characters and prompts that are often found in Christmas stories. Children use the cards to create a Christmas story for a younger age group in the school.

Find the cards here.

Y5/6 Bethlehem - a Christmas Poem

This wonderful poem by Carol Ann Duffy describes Bethlehem in a lyrical way. A useful, short sequence for Christmas time. The children could write about their own homes during the festive period.

See the book here.

Y3/4 The Snowman

A 're-imagining' of Raymond Briggs' original by Michael Morpurgo.

Find the book here.

Y3/4 Mog's Christmas Calamity

This sequence is based on the wonderful 2015 Christmas advert from Sainsbury's which even includes a visit from Judith Kerr who wrote the book. The focus is on conveying character and emotions.

There are some stills to help, downloadable here.

The video is available on YouTube here.

Y3/4 How Santa Really Works

If you know and love How Dogs Really Work by the same author, Alan Snow, then this book is one for you. The whole text is an explanation but with other elements included. Wonderful!

Find the book here (and even a pop-up version here!)

KS1 Snow in the Garden

A lovely anthology of stories, poems, recipes and Christmassy things to make.

See the book here.

KS1 How to Catch Santa

This is a lovely set of instructions and essential tips about catching Santa! It is part of a series of 'How to...' books by the authors. Inventive and funny.

Find the book here.

KS1 Man on the Moon

In the sequence, this 2015 John Lewis advert is used alongside Baboon on the Moon and focuses on the characters’ feelings.

Watch the advert on YouTube here and Baboon on the Moon on Vimeo here.

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