FREE Teaching Sequence Downloads

FREE Teaching Sequence Downloads

Yr1/2 I Love Bugs by Emma Dodd

 A rhyming poem about all the different sorts of bugs a little boy loves.  The art work is bold, with the text patterned around it on some pages.It is a poem that shouts to be read aloud and performed.

  'I love springy jumpy leapy bugs.'

 See the book here.

Yr3/4 I Don't Believe it, Archie by Andrew Norris

This book is a very funny one. Archie sets off to do normal things but then gets waylaid by unusual happenings. Organised by days of the week, this text is great for planning and writing a new chapter to include in the book. Each chapter has the blueprint of a comedy.

See the book here

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Yr3/4 I Don't Believe it, Archie! annotated assessed writing

This is an example of the writing that comes out of the teaching sequence.  It has been assessed and annotated to exemplify the assessment criteria for Yr4.  It is part of our No Nonsense Literacy Assessment of Writing subscription which can be purchased here.

Yr5/6 The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris

A wonderful book of pictures and poetry, written to prevent us from forgetting the naming of natural things. A great book to use if you have the topic theme 'nature' or wish to explore rich vocabulary. Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, schools in Devon were gifted a copy (see our What's New page for more information).

See the book here.

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