Texts that Teach

There are a great many wonderful texts out there to share with children. However, we very carefully select ones we base our teaching sequences on to ensure they offer all of the following:

  • something worth discussing;
  • rich language to explore;
  • structures (text and grammatical) that can be replicated to inspire pupils' original compositions.

Download our Texts that Teach lists to see what we have chosen, and visit our Publications page to find out more, including how to purchase our teaching sequences. 

We regularly add to these. See below for our newest titles which this time are all non-fiction...

New Texts that Teach Y1/2

The Slime Book: All You Need to Know to Make the Perfect Slime by Dorling Kindersley

Who amongst us wouldn't want to become a master of slime creation? This book teaches all you need to know, with over 30 recipes to try out. It provides clearly set out sets of instructions including short introductions, images, methods and top tips.

Usborne Look Inside: Space by Rob Lloyd Jones

This attractive information book has lots of flaps to lift revealing interesting facts about Space. It builds up the information in small, manageable snippets which include a range of sentence constructions including questions and answers.

New Texts that Teach Y3/4

The Great Fire of London: Anniversary Edition of the Great Fire of 1666 by Emma Adams (Author), James Weston Lewis (Illustrator)

This striking book provides information on the historic events of 1666 told through different sections: an introduction to set the scene; dated reports; charted changes to firefighting; significant people and places. The text is set off by dramatic illustrations in a palette of oranges and blues.

Dare to Care: Pet Dragon by Mark Robertson and Sally Symes

This book teaches you all you could possibly need to know in order to cope with the challenge of keeping a dragon as a pet, from selecting the right sort of egg thief, to rearing your dragon, together with important cautionary notes. Information is organised in sections using different forms, e.g. labelled diagrams, captioned illustrations, fact files, prose.

New Texts that Teach Y5/6

What a Wonderful Word by Nicola Edwards and Luisa Uribe

A fascinating book to dip into and be amused by with a range of unusual words that cannot be easily translated from all sorts of different languages. Some words are totally culturally bound (for few of us need to know the word for the distance a reindeer can walk before needing the toilet) while others (such as the word for drowsiness after eating a big meal) could be useful in all languages! Each word and its definition is followed by a brief, concise text with fascinating information linked to the word, language, country or culture it comes from.

A great text to use if you have a focus on vocabulary, the richness of language, developing children’s word consciousness and how word meanings can link to cultures.

Anatomy: A Cutaway Look Inside the Human Body by Hélène Druvert and Jean-Claude Druvert

Clever cut-outs, flaps to lift and explore, attractive stylised diagrams and quite challenging text provide a wealth of detailed information on different organs and systems in the human body. This is a great book to support the Science topic: it introduces technical vocabulary but in such a way as to not overwhelm the reader.

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