Texts that Teach

There are a great many wonderful texts out there to share with children. However, we very carefully select ones we base our teaching sequences on to ensure they offer all of the following:

  • something worth discussing;
  • rich language to explore;
  • structures (text and grammatical) that can be replicated to inspire pupils' original compositions.

Download our Texts that Teach lists to see what we have chosen, and visit our Publications page to find out more, including how to purchase our teaching sequences. 

We regularly add to these. See below for our newest titles which this time are all relating to traditional stories - fairy tales and a sneaky one on myths...

New Texts that Teach Y1/2

Mixed Up Fairy Tales by Hilary Robinson, illustrated by Nick Sharratt

This fantastic split page, spiral bound book allows the reader to mix and match different combinations of fairy tales with hilarious results. What would happen if Goldilocks had two horrid stepsisters and fell asleep for a hundred years? Would she be woken by a hungry wolf or Little Red Riding Hood's Granny?

Little Red Riding Hood: Nosy Crow

A re-telling of the traditional fairy tale.

Red Riding Hood sets out into the forest to take a basket of goodies to her poorly grandma. Along the way, she adds to her basket, picking beautiful flowers, gathering fallen acorns and receiving a gift of some nice, sticky honey. She thinks these treats will cheer up her grandma. But little does she know that they could just save her from the Big Bad Wolf...

New Texts that Teach Y3/4

Cinderella of the Nile by Beverley Naidoo

This intriguing version of the well-known fairy tale introduces children to the ancient tradition of tales handed down orally and crossing countries and continents through re-telling. It demonstrates perfectly how all new stories are re-workings of older ones and allows them to try this out in their own way.

Myth Atlas by Thiago de Moraes

Maps and Monsters, Heroes and Gods from Twelve Mythological Worlds...

Myth Atlas is a light hearted introduction to some of the myths and beliefs of 12 of the most fascinating cultures. Totally engrossing!

New Texts that Teach Y5/6

Straw into Gold: Fairy tales re-spun by Hilary McKay

Well-known fairy tales are retold from slightly altered perspectives so that we get to know the characters and their motivation much more than usual. Language delights and is used to evoke a sense of place and atmosphere.

Inside the Villains by Clotilde Perrin

A wonderful flaps and levers book in which three well-known villains of fairy and folk tales – The Wolf, The Giant and The Witch - reveal their true characters. Each includes a personal introduction, a fact file, a traditional retelling of a story in which they feature, and a full-page illustration with all manner of paper mechanics and captions to explore.

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