Leadership Professional Development Programmes

Leadership Professional Development Programmes

Babcock Education understands that effective school leadership is critical in improving the educational outcomes for all children and young people, including the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. 

Our Leadership Success Programme supports you to build leadership capacity in a sustainable school-led system.

Beyond Monitoring - Primary

Developed by two outstanding headteachers, Craig Voller and Sir Robin Bosher, this 3-day course is designed to empower heads and their senior leaders to secure better teaching and learning.

This programme consists of three separate days with practical tasks in between.  Each day is a balance of practical activities and sharing your knowledge and understanding of effective teaching and learning.

Day One - 'Improving Teaching' includes observations of a lesson in the school
Day Two - 'Improving Learning' involves looking at books, pupil progress, provision and timetables
Day Three - Developing systems that work 

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