Supported Peer Review

How effective is your school self-evaluation?

Supported Peer Reviews recognise the importance of partnership working to school improvement.  The process provides external peer review and validation of your school’s self-evaluation and supports schools to work together.
Aligned with the September 2015 Ofsted Framework, Supported Peer Reviews are not an inspection, but a process which results in key judgements about your school’s self-evaluation process.

The Supported Peer Review process is designed to support self-improving schools to:

  • Celebrate strengths and identify future challenges
  • Secure continued improvement more rapidly through collaboration
  • Share ideas, strategies and best practice
  • Enhance professional development of school leaders

The Supported Peer Review process is designed specifically for a small group of schools, ideally three, to work together in partnership to secure collective improvement. 
This sustainable approach to school improvement is for all schools, particularly those on the journey to excellence.

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