We are once again providing an offer of mathematics support to schools for 2022/23.

All courses, programmes and consultancy can be purchased by Devon academies; Devon maintained schools and all other schools,  There are subsidised places for Devon maintained schools. 

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The advisers forming the Babcock LDP Primary Mathematics Team are:

Dr Ruth Trundley (team lead)
Andy Tynemouth
Helen Edginton
Stefanie Burke 

The team provides support tailored to meet the needs of groups of schools, individual schools and individuals within schools. In addition to tailored support, all of our CPD packages can be purchased directly by schools. We are experienced at working with all those involved in learning and teaching at the primary level - children, teachers, teaching assistants, subject leaders, senior leadership teams, head teachers, governors and parents.

Our high quality support is based upon our advisers being experienced, enthusiastic and at the forefront of national and local initiatives. Schools who have already accessed this support have consistently fed back positively on the standard of our work and we are holders of the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics' Continuing Professional Development Standard.
If you would like to find out more about the support we offer or would like to book some support please e-mail Ruth Trundley

Mathematics Research Talks

This series of online mathematics research talks focusses on small-scale research projects of interest to teachers and all involved in mathematics education.

The next Research Talk will be announced soon.

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Primary Maths (termly) Subject Leader Meetings for individuals ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION

A chance to network with colleagues and hear the latest curriculum advice. Attendance at termly half-day subject leader network meetings (three meetings across the year – one place per package).

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Understanding Structured Number Lines - Project Report July 2019

This project was set up in response to growing evidence that pupils in England are not developing an understanding of the structured number line and that this has implications with regard to understanding mathematics across several domains of the national curriculum including those related to calculation. The project focussed on the following research questions:

  • What are the key elements to understanding number lines as representations of the number system?
  • Which activities help support this understanding?
  • What is the impact of understanding number lines?

The phase 1 report is now available and has implications for teaching children across the primary age range; teachers working in EYFS to Y6 were included in the first phase of the project.


M-cubed supports the learning of multiplication facts with understanding, using different representations (symbols, language, contexts and images) to focus on structure and connections. Understanding structure and connections is key to developing fluency and to knowing how to use known facts to solve problems. Knowing and understanding mathematical facts and how to use them is part of being a mathematician.

With the multiplication tables check becoming statutory in England from 2020, there is a pressure on teachers to ensure children know multiplication facts. Children also need to understand these facts if they are to be useful when solving problems and developing further multiplicative reasoning: M-cubed is designed to provide opportunities to build known facts with understanding.

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CPD Opportunities

We have published our schedule of training opportunities for the next few terms and it will include the following:

  • New to KS1: exploring key ideas in mathematics
  • New to KS2: exploring key ideas in mathematics
  • Mathematics Middle Leaders Programme 
  • Improving maths results: learning from data
  • Improving maths results: ideas for Y6
  • Supporting children who struggle with maths
  • Supporting children in maths lessons package
  • Developing Reasoning Programme
  • Maths Subject Leaders meetings

For more information and to book visit our online shop.

If you would  like to run any of the training for your school or a cluster of schools please contact Ruth Trundley via email.

Mathematics Team

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