Moderation and Standardisation

Moderation and Standardisation

Children as evidence: assessing understanding in mathematics by talking to children

Materials to support in-school and cross-school moderation and standardisation:

  • Assessment Resource

    • a downloadable resource for Foundation Stage to Y6
  • Professional Development Package

  • End of Key Stage 1 Teacher Assessment Resource

    • a downloadable resource to support moderation and standardisation in relation to end of key stage 1 standards

Assessing mathematics should involve assessing mathematical thinking, related to key mathematical ideas. Talking to children is the best way to do this, as it allows teachers to probe children’s understanding, reasoning and decision making. These materials provide questions related to key mathematical ideas for each year group along with a clear indication of how to interpret responses in relation to age-related expectations.  They have been produced to support schools with moderation and standardisation and could be used by:

  • senior leaders and subject leaders at the end of the year to ensure consistency and rigour in teacher assessment
  • clusters of schools as they work together to build a picture of the progress and attainment of learners in mathematics
  • teachers at the end of a significant teaching period to support their ongoing building of a picture, feeding into both their planning and their understanding of how well the children are learning.

Sample pages for Y1 and Y4 are included at the bottom of this page.

The rssessment resources are available to purchase and downlaod as either individual year groups (£15 + VAT each) or a package of all year groups from Foundation Stage to Y6 (£90 + VAT for all sevon year groups).

The end of key stage 1 assessment resource is available to purchase and download as a complete set £30 + VAT

The professional developent package providess an understanding of the Children as Evidence materials and how they can be best used.  It examines how understanding of mathematics can be assessed through talking to children, focussing on the use of key questions, linked to key understandings.  Central to the package is video of children responding to key questions and analyss of the responses.  The questions used are taken from the Children as Evidence booklets. The professional development package could be used by an individual teacher, a group of teachers or the whole teaching staff in a school and could be used to support standardisation and moderation as well as subject knowledge. It includes slides with audio commentary, notes and video for Y1, Y3 and Y5.  The professional development package is available to purchase and download at £120 + VAT.

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Children as Evidence Year 1

Sample Page

Children as Evidence Year 4

Sample Page

Children as Evidence Foundation Stage

Sample Page

Children as Evidence End of Key Stage 1 Teacher Assessment

Sample Page

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