Inclusion: Training and CPD

Inclusion: Training and CPD

Supporting CPD in Mathematics updated for 2018/19

Maths Intervention Training Opportunities

Inclusion is about meeting the needs of all children.

The National Curriculum states that:
The expectation is that the majority of pupils will move through the programmes of study at broadly the same pace.
In order to support teachers to meet the needs of all children we offer a range of support including training in flexible and intensive interventions.

"From Counting to Calculating", “Making a Difference” and "Fair and Equal" are comprehensive training packages which each include a flexible set of intervention materials, written to support children with developing conceptual understanding of early number and additive reasoning (From Counting to Calculating), addition and subtraction (Making a Difference) and multiplication and division including fractions (Fair and Equal). The training explores in depth how to support understanding and address misconceptions and provides related, detailed activities. The materials focus on key ideas in the National Curriculum. Details of current courses on offer are included below along with resources used as part of the training.

Every Child Counts is the umbrella name for the suite of interventions produced by Edge Hill University training for which we offer as follows: Numbers Count, Success@Arithmetic: Calculation, Success@Arithmetic: Number Sense and Talk 4 Number. Details can be found in the Every Child Counts page.

If you are interested in purchasing the training for your school or cluster of schools, please contact Ruth Trundley, Primary Maths Adviser, for further information.



Fair and Equal


Making a Difference


Supporting Children with Mathematical Difficulties

Understanding Children with Mathematical Difficulties

Maximising the effectiveness of out-of-class interventions

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