Collaborative Lesson Research

Collaborative Lesson Research

Exploring Japanese Lesson Study and Curricular Coherence, Problem-Solving and Lesson Design - Learning from the Japanese Approach

Led by Dr Akihiko Takahashi in Exeter, Devon

Dr TakahashiDr Akihiko Takahashi is the one of the leading authorities of Japanese lesson study both within Japan and globally.  He has been active in introducing Lesson Study in America in the past 20 years, and has recently led a flagship project funded by the Gates Foundation to introduce Lesson Study for curricular reforms in the USA.  He returns to the UK to provide insight about how the Japanese Lesson Study can help develop teaching practice and curricular coherence.  He has published over 45 journal articles and book chapters and given over 50 presentations and keynotes at conferences and workshops in Brazil, Canada, Chile, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malawi, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Uganda, United Kingdom, and United States. 


Exploring Japanese Lesson Study - 5th December 2019

This workshop is designed for schools, teachers and curriculum leaders who are interested in Lesson Study as an approach to professional development.  During the day participants will learn about the Japanese approach to both professional development and the teaching of mathematics and participate in a ‘live lesson’ as part of a cycle of collaborative lesson research.

The day will include:

  • Exploration and explanation of collaborative lesson research (Japanese lesson study) – what is involved, why each of the activities is critical to the process and why schools in the UK might use this as an approach to professional development.
  • Direct experience of elements of the collaborative lesson research cycle:
    • Lesson proposal  - exploring how the proposal captures the thinking and intentions of the planning team
    • Lesson observation - based on the lesson proposal, in an Exeter primary school
    • Post-lesson discussion
    • Koshi - reflections on the cycle by Dr Takahashi

Curriculum Coherence, Problem-Solving and Lesson Design: Learning from the Japanese Approach - 6th December 2019

This workshop is designed for schools, teachers and curriculum leaders who are interested in developing coherence and lesson design underpinned by problem-solving. 

Dr Takahashi will guide the participants to examine the learning progression of critical topics using a Japanese textbook, including the cross grade progressions and progression in a particular unit. He will examine how carefully tasks are selected to support students to develop understanding of concepts and procedures through problem solving.

The workshop will include exploring how to design lessons, including anticipating student responses and the role of board writing. For the final process of designing a lesson, a mock-up lesson will be discussed at the end of the day.

The cost of one workshop is £100 + vat per person.  If you book both workshops (5th and 6th December) the cost for both workshops is just £150 + vat per person (in total).

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This is a rare opportunity to explore Japanese Lesson Study

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