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NQT Guidance for Completion of Assessments for Spring 2021

We are aware that many NQT’s will have been providing a very different approach to their teaching this academic year and it may be challenging for NQT tutors to complete the normal approach to gathering evidence and carrying out observations.  However, we are also aware that many NQT’s have worked in schools during the autumn term, provided support to their learners through a remote learning offer during periods of isolation and managing other children who are at home.  Since the return in spring we have returned to a hybrid approach to teaching which again provides challenges for tutors to carry out effective induction assessments.

In order to support schools to complete an assessment at the end of the spring term 2021 we have reviewed our documentation and we have set out below the proposed approach.  This should be read alongside our guidance in relation to final assessments and/or extensions where this is relevant for your NQT.  

Please note extensions are only requested as an alternative to the final assessment where the tutor believes it would be unreasonable to expect the NQT to have demonstrated satisfactory performance against the relevant standards. (Please see Statutory Guidance for NQT induction 3.6-3.8 for further information)

Key Principles for all Assessments for Spring Term 2021

Final Assessments where the NQT has met standards:
•  You are not required to complete all sections of the form and comment against all standards; where necessary an overarching summary (In Box 1 : Standard 1 : Set high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge pupils) confirming that you feel that the NQT has met the standards will be sufficient particularly for final assessments, see example below
•  Best practice would ensure that some evidence would be provided against some standards.

Term 1 and Term 2 and interim Assessments
•  Only comment against standards where you have some evidence to support your judgements.  If you do not have evidence of some standards then please leave these blank and ensure that these take a priority for the next assessment 
•  Where possible review the previous assessment and consider the targets that were set and provide a comment against that standard
•  Ensure that there is a balance between targets set under standards where you have evidence and recognising that standards where there is little or no evidence will be the focus for next term.

Final Assessments where an extension has been requested
•  Please provide an overarching statement clarifying why the extension has been requested – see example below
•  Identify the key standards where the NQT needs further development
•  Please provide as much information against any standards where the NQT has strengths
•  Please provide clear targets against any standards that the NQT will need to develop during the extension period (this will be particularly helpful for those NQT’s who are moving schools or do not currently have a job for the coming term.)

NQT Final Assessment Next Steps Planning Document - Spring 2021

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