Checklist for NQT Induction Tutors

Pre-employment period (or 1st inset days)

  • Register NQT with LA - complete NQT 1 form 
  • School Details including contracts and Job Description - NQT Tutor Guidance
  • Tour of school and meeting key staff
  • Timetables and teaching group details
  • Use of ICT and access to school intranet/VLE
  • Key School Polices (e.g. Behaviour/Child Protection, Risk Assessment)
  • First Aid & Emergency procedures
  • Meeting with NQT mentors
  • Link Governor

Term One

1st Half Term

  • Induction Programme
  • Initial Planning Meeting
  • Lesson Observation
  • Teachers Professional Standards
  • CEDP Transition Points/Professional Portfolio
  • Meeting with parents inset
  • Assessment procedures
  • Developing reflective practice
  • 1st Review meeting

2nd Half Term

  • Lesson Observation
  • Inset - working with other staff (e.g. TAs, colleagues, LLC/Federation)
  • Observing other teachers in own school. (NQT Guide p. 19)
  • LA or LLC NQT meeting
  • Induction Programme updated for 2nd Term
  • 2nd Review meeting
  • DfE 1st Assessment

Term Two

3rd Half Term

  • Lesson Observation
  • Appropriate LA/other Inset
  • Shadow offsite visit/event
  • Observe other teachers in own school
  • LLC NQT meeting
  • 3rd Review meeting

4th Half Term

  • Lesson Observation
  • Inset - Report writing
  • Observe in another school
  • Update Induction Programme 
  • 4th Review meeting
  • DfE 2nd Assessment

Term Three

5th Half Term

  • Lesson Observation
  • LA/other Inset
  • Preparation of future levels of Leadership/responsiblity
  • Visit another school (focus on observation, curricular leadership, curriculum dev.)
  • 5th Review meeting

6th Half Term

  • Lesson Observation
  • Professional Portfolio (prep. for Performance Management)
  • Early Professional Development discussions - next steps
  • Final DfE Assessment
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