4 online learning courses from the SEND Sensory Team

Babcock LDP

Language and Listening and Communication in EYFS - Deafness is an invisible disability and even a ‘mild’ hearing loss can have a major impact on a child’s education. Deafness is not a learning disability but many deaf children under-achieve if the appropriate strategies are not put in place from a very early age. The early years are a critical age for deaf children to develop their play and thinking skills and to do this they need access to language.

An Introduction to British Sign Language - This course will provide an online introduction to British Sign Language for families, carers & professionals, working with Deaf  young children. The course will include 60 BSL signs to get you started, Social and emotional language and Behaviour management all delivered through our interactive platform allowing you to develop your knowledge of BSL.

Childhood Visual Impairment: Impact on Mental Health and Wellbeing - This training brings together research and information from a range of current thinking to offer a holistic approach to exploring the mental health needs of our visually impaired young people. As a learner on this course you will have increased understanding about the impact that vision loss has on mental health. Key areas covered will be the importance of physical activity and avoidance of sedentary lifestyle; anxieties and phobias; mental health in the school environment and how our vision impacts this; preparation for adulthood and how to support families. 

Preparing and Modifying Text for Children with Visual Impairment in Your School - The course is aimed at school staff supporting CYP in year 5 to Post 19 and will provide information on how to prepare and modify resources for children and young people who have visual impairment (VI), enabling them to access the curriculum alongside their fully sighted peers.

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