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Get outside with your pupils on Dartmoor or in your school's local area for just £10 per pupil with our highly skilled Outdoor Learning Tutors.

At the Dartmoor centres we have years of experience of providing school residentials and whilst this is not currently possible due to government restrictions on residential trips, we are pleased to be able to offer a range of exciting outdoor education days support to schools, provided by our team of highly skilled Outdoor Learning Tutors.

The Dartmoor Centres employ some of the most experienced outdoor professionals in the industry and we can work with school staff to create the perfect fun and educational day for your pupils. We have created some options but we can be flexible and design a programme that works for you.

Benefits of Outdoor Learning:

  • Develops peer and teacher relationships
  • Develops confidence as learners
  • Motivates children to learn through real life experiences
  • Develops healthy lifestyles
  • Teaches children to enjoy the outdoors with respect for the environment
  • And much more

For more information, take a look at our flyer for more information 

We can arrange transport if necessary (min numbers apply)

Contact the Dartmoor Centres direct on: 01364 631500 - email: LDP-dartmoorcentres@babcockinternational.com

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