Transition of Babcock LDP into DCC

Babcock LDP

Transition of Babcock LDP into DCC – LDP staff, traded services and websites

Schools will be aware that last summer, after a thorough consultation process, Devon County Council Cabinet approved all the commissioned and traded services currently delivered by Babcock LDP being moved back into DCC.

This transfer will take place on 1st August and so over the past 18 months we have been working hard to ensure a smooth transition for staff and also that it will not impact on the delivery of services to schools. The following provides you with a brief update on some of the areas we have been focusing on. In particular, we’d like to assure schools that services purchased through Babcock LDP as part of the 2022/23 buying cycle, will automatically transfer to DCC as part of the transition.

Transition of Babcock LDP services and staff into DCC

Inevitably, managing a TUPE for over 250 staff is complex and we have taken the time to carefully design the integrated workforce in line with the feedback from the consultation work we did at the start of the process. The next step will be to carry out staff consultations and once this has been completed and the final structure confirmed we will share this with you.

Traded Services and Website Information

From 1 August, the traded services will be delivered under the name Devon Education Services.

Babcock LDP Shop website – new name and new web address

Babcock LDP’s existing shop will change its name to Devon Education Services on 1st August and the web address will also change. There will be no reduction in the range of services, subscriptions, products and training (including fully funded courses), that are available from our teams via the shop. In addition, there will be no break in service delivery, as all LDP staff will be transferring into DCC.

Babcock LDP main website – content transferring onto DCC website and/or LDP Shop website

While the main Babcock LDP website won’t be transferring across, the wealth of guidance, resources and other information currently hosted there, is being reviewed and updated and will be transferred to either the relevant DCC website or the LDP Shop website ahead of the transition.


The transfer in of Babcock LDP has also presented us with the opportunity to bring traded services that already exist within DCC under the same umbrella. This will create a one stop shop for schools. DCC services will continue to be delivered in the same way, the only change is the way that schools, MATs, federations and settings will purchase their annual subscriptions via the online shop.

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