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Wand Spelling is an interactive online resource to supplement the teaching of spelling from Y2 to Y6.

It is designed for children to use as home learning activities or independent activities in school. The resource enables children to practise spelling content learnt in lessons, and it allows teachers to monitor and assess the children’s success.

Wand Spelling has been written by the Babcock LDP Primary English Team, authors of No Nonsense Spelling: Rebecca Cosgrave, Alison Jones, Rebecca New, Jenny Core.

All the activities are linked to the teaching content of No Nonsense Spelling and provide purpose written activities for independent practice and learning. The activities are all matched to the National Curriculum Programme of Study for each year group, making them ideal to supplement any spelling resource. Activities include practising homophones, spelling patterns, prefixes and suffixes, Common Exception words in Year 2, and the Statutory Word Lists at Year 3/4 and Year 5/6.

  • Written by the authors of No Nonsense Spelling
  • Fully aligned to the National Curriculum and No Nonsense Spelling Years 2-6
  • Online platform providing pupil practice in class or for homework
  • Comprehensive Assessment to inform teacher of children’s knowledge and understanding
  • Automatically generated reports produced at learning objective level
  • Fully editable to personalise spelling practice
  • Compatible with any device
  • Audio included

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