Child Employment and Entertainment

When a child of compulsory school age is employed to work after school, at weekends or during school holidays, the law states that they must be registered for work with their local authority, who will issue a work permit. Similarly, if they are involved in entertainment, which covers T.V. film, theatre, modelling and paid sport, they may require a performance licence and a licensed chaperone. The work permits and performance licenses are issued by the Local Authority, which in Devon falls under the responsibility of the Education Welfare Service.

The Education Welfare Officer that focuses on Child Employment is known as The Child Employment and Entertainment Officer and is available to:

  • Answer queries on employment and entertainment issues from the general public and inform children, parents and employers on what they need to do once a child is working.
  • Deliver talks to schools
  • Write articles for schools to include in their newsletters
  • Issue permits/licenses
  • Visit employers to offer advice and/or investigate instances of children who are reported as working illegally

Children performing under licence are required by law to have a licensed chaperone with them at all times, unless their parent(s) are filling that role. The Child Employment and Performance Officer is also responsible for organising and delivering information/training to people applying for a chaperone license, as well as inspecting and place of performance to ensure the production company are working within the law, where provision for children is concerned.

If you are unable to find the information you need in the following pages or if you have any queries please contact:

The Child Employment and Entertainment Officer
Education Welfare Service
Babcock LDP
Milford House
Pynes Hill
Tel: 01392 287223

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