Data Protection Services (GDPR)

Data Protection Officer Provision and Support

Data Protection Services (GDPR)

Does your school have a named Data Protection Officer?

GDPR legislation states that you must appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) if you are a Public Authority.

GDPR compliance is now a core part of a school’s business need and to be GDPR compliant schools need a named DPO.

Typical breaches we are supporting are emails not bcc’d, school reports being sent to parents in error, mislaid memory sticks etc.

You may have delayed appointing a DPO due to the cost of recruiting, managing and providing training for such a complex and varied role. But did you know that you can buy into our outsourced Data Protection Officer service for as little as £3,550 for the year, saving you both time and money and protecting the reputation of your school.

Our DPOs will be a huge asset to your school with their working knowledge of GDPR and experience of the education sector. You will have access to someone who understands the pressures, priorities and challenges that occur in an educational setting.

Don’t just take our word for it, read what schools are saying about us….

Great, so you have a school-based Data Protection Officer:

  • How well supported is that role?
  • How does your DPO stay up-to-date with their knowledge and training?
  • How is your DPO providing whole-staff training?
  • How is your DPO handling data breaches and Subject Access Requests (SARs)?
  • Could your DPO benefit from networking with other local schools?
  • Do you have a contingency plan for if your DPO is absent?

Whether you’re looking for a light-touch DPO support package, access to training and networking forums or support handling data breaches, we have solutions to meet all your DPO support needs.

It is your school’s responsibility to make sure your school-based DPO’s knowledge is kept up-to-date.

Remember it’s a journey not a destination.

Contact the Data, Assessment and GDPR Team

GDPR Helpline: 01392 287317

Email the team

Data and Assessment

The GDPR service we have received from Babcock LDP has been extremely comprehensive. The training provided to all our staff was excellent and vital in raising their awareness of the new legislation. The DPO has provided excellent support to the College and assisted us in becoming ready for the introduction of GDPR.

Excellent Training and DPO Service

Devon Secondary Headteacher

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