One Minute Guides

Our aim is to provide accurate, up to date resources, advice and guidance, in line with national and local regulations in a way that is clear, concise and easily accessible.

The One Minute Guidance documents below are just a few of the essential resources available to Designated Safeguarding Leads, Headteachers and Governors.

Devon maintained schools and education settings subscribing to Safeguarding support have access to our full range of Safeguarding materials.  Please login to access this subscription-only content.

If you don't already subscribe to our Safeguarding service and would be interested in finding out more, please contact us at 


DCFP Early Help in Devon

No 1 Neglect

No 2 Single Central Record

No 3 Child Sexual Abuse

No 4 Making a MASH Enquiry

No 5 Sexting

No 6 Transfer of Child Protection Safeguarding Files

No 7 Forced Marriage

No 8 Operation Encompass

No 9 Children Missing Education

No 10 Prevent

No 11 Supporting Transgender Children revised

No12 Child Protection Pathway

No 13 FGM

DCFP Neglect

DCFP Public Law Outline

DCFP Early Help Outcomes

No 14 Peer on Peer Abuse

No 15 Modern Slavery

No 16 Disguised Compliance

No 17 Contextual Safeguarding

No 18 Disqualification Under the Childcare Act

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