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We recognise that planning a residential can be quite time consuming so we will do as much as we can to reduce your workload and stress.  Please feel free to talk to us at any time with any questions.  The benefit of our centres being sole occupancy is that you have our full attention.

We often get asked to come to school to meet with SLT and Visit Leaders to discuss your requirements.  We are happy to do this and we don’t make a charge.

We can also come to school to help with parents meetings.

We can provide you with an information flyer to go out to parents which explains more about the Dartmoor Centres. You can then send this out with your own letter.  The flyer doesn’t include any prices as we know that the school has its own additional costs (travel, supply cover etc.) and we wouldn’t want to confuse parents by apparently charging less than they are being asked to pay by the school.

In addition we can provide you with a copy of our Dartmoor Centres Journal which we give to all children taking part in a Challenger or Explorer program.  This will help visit leaders with pre-residential learning in school.

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