What we do and why we do it

The Dartmoor Centres work with schools and educational establishments to enable young people (and adults) to participate in outdoor and residential education in order that they may:

  • Experience and understand healthy living, physical and mental well-being
  • Extend their personal horizons and move towards independence
  • Build positive and sustainable relationships with their peers, teachers and parents and within their broader social groups
  • Take opportunities to work with others and develop skills in leadership, co-operation and decision making
  • Develop respect, understanding and awareness of the natural world and adopt a sustainable approach to their environment
  • Accept challenge and adventure, learn new skills and manage risk
  • Develop self-awareness and self- confidence
  • Practice and extend their range of literacy, numeracy and other basic key life skills.

The Value of Outdoor Education

“When planned and implemented well, learning outside the classroom contributed significantly to raising standards and improving pupils’ personal, social and emotional development” (Learning Outside the Classroom, how far should you go? Ofsted, 2008)

Outdoor education contributes significantly young people’s development, enabling them to:

  • Acquire skills which promote well-being and healthy lifestyles into adulthood
  • Develop knowledge and understanding about risks to promote one’s own and others’ safety
  • Enjoy and achieve as a result of opportunities to develop as successful and confident learners
  • Gain a heightened awareness of the local and global environment and our role within it
  • Gain and apply key skills including leadership, team working and decision making, so that they are better able to achieve economic well-being.

Outdoor Education residential visits and off–site activities have great potential for advancing the academic, personal, social and emotional development of young people and adults.

This development needs to take place in a structured, advised, progressive and safe manner. It is the task of staff leading such activities to stretch young people to their limits but not beyond them.

Identification of purpose with careful planning and evaluation are essential to this process.

Brilliant Residentials

Significant, current research into the value of school residentials has been undertaken by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.  More information including evidence of benefits and resources can be found here:  http://learningaway.org.uk/residentials/

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