Charlotte age 10

“The best fun ever, I want to come back again and again, the food was so yummy and my bed was so comfy!”

“I learnt that I could do things if I tried ”
“I was a bit scared at first but my friends made me feel braver and I’m glad I could do it”

Moorland exploration (day or half day)

See the sights and sounds of Dartmoor as we head out into the open moors to experience the wildlife, history and spirit of this unique landscape. Either a half-day circular walk from the Centre or a whole day reaching deeper into the moors taking our necessary provisions with us.

Caving (half day)

The Dartmoor fringe is home to some extensive and nationally important cave systems. The caves at Pridhamsleigh offer a great opportunity for new and experienced cavers to explore the underground world.
Sessions are led by qualified cave leaders and we supply caving suits, helmets and head torches.

Climbing, scrambling, weaselling, abseiling – all things rock! (day or half day)

This is a chance for groups to get up close and personal with the very stuff that Dartmoor is made from (‘gripping granite!’). This can be a half or whole day session and may include any of the tags mentioned above depending on preference, weather and group size and ability.

Search and rescue (day)

There’s an emergency on the moor! Can the group come together and use their skills and teamwork to save the day? Skills practiced include search techniques, communications, basic casualty care and improvised stretcher building.

Orienteering (half day)

Participants learn map reading and navigation skills and are then challenged in small groups to put their skills and teamwork to the test! We have a simple course in the grounds of the Centre and we have also established a much larger course in a nearby forest. This is a popular and rich learning experience offering the opportunity for safe remote supervision where appropriate.

Mountain biking (half day)

Explore forest trails with a qualified mountain bike leader. Route options vary according to the ability of the riders making this session inclusive to all but non-riders, inexperienced or recent beginners.

Working well together (half day)

A series of tasks and challenges designed to explore the skills and benefits of good teamwork. Based in the Centre grounds using simple props, this session is a good kickstart for a residential programme.

Night walk (evening!)

A crepuscular creep down local paths on the lookout for nocturnal encounters, or we’ll head out onto the open moor for a taste of Dartmoor after dark.

Bushcraft & shelter building (half day)

Learn some of the skills of our Dartmoor ancestors! Fire lighting and shelter building form the core subject areas for this exciting and engaging session.
Projects will depend on group size, age and conditions.

Outdoor cooking (half day)

Fire bread and nettle tea (or perhaps hot chocolate!) are just some of the tasty morsels on the menu during this session. Best combined with the previous session for a full day bushcraft experience.

Archery (half day)

A much-enjoyed activity, delivered by our own qualified tutors. Archery sessions reinforce the teaching of safe practice, using firm guidelines and codes of behaviour, as well as developing listening and sequencing skills, whilst of course indulging in a universally engaging activity.

“The best fun ever, I want to come back again and again, the food was so yummy and my bed was so comfy!”
“I learnt that I can do things I haven’t done before and that some of my friends can’t do what I can”


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Dartmoor Explorer Programme for Schools and Youth Groups

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