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Schools financial value standard (SFVS) and assurance

Guidance to help schools and local authorities complete the annual schools financial value standard (SFVS) and assurance forms.

Strategic School Improvement Fund

Funding for eligible schools for a range of school improvement activities.

Statutory policies for schools

Guidance on the policies and documents that governing bodies and proprietors of schools must have.

Schools: statutory guidance

The Department for Education’s statutory guidance publications for schools and local authorities.

What maintained schools must publish online

The information that schools maintained by their local authorities must publish on their websites.

Schools’ buying strategy

An outline of initiatives to help all schools improve how they buy goods and services.

Teaching schools and system leadership: monthly reports

Universal Infant Free School Meals Links
UIFSM 2019-20 UIFSM Toolkit The Independent - School Food Plan
16-19 Year Old Funding
16-19 Education Funding Guidance
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