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Compliance with the Schools Financial Value Standard means that effective management of the delegated budget is required – we can help you achieve this substantial task.

Core Subscription

Core Subscription

  • Two half-day visits tailored to your requirements
  • A half-day induction for new headteachers and new bursars, including a school administrators’ information pack
  • Access to the Finance Consultancy website and regular newsletters
  • Helpdesk answerphone enquiry line
  • Bursar Briefings (1 place per briefing per school/federation). Additional places will be charged.


Bespoke Consultancy

Bespoke Consultancy

  • Additional consultancy days can be purchased to provide support as required. Examples of support are:
  • Budget preparation/review for submission to Governors using the Local Authority (LA) Budget Planning Tool
  • Production of the Financial Reporting Suite reports for Governors and the LA
  • Support the production of action plans/revised forecasts where there are significant variances to plan
  • Set up of the new financial year including any required structure changes
  • Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) mapping and review of issues versus the LA information
  • Support the Governing Body in meeting the Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS)
  • Benchmarking as part of the SFVS requirements

£341 per day

Bursar Cover Service

Bursar Cover Service

Sometimes schools need a temporary bursar to cover periods of absence, gaps in employment or to help with workload at peak times.

To help your school stay on top of the transactional elements of finance, we can provide a Bursar Cover Service for any period of time, to meet your specific needs.

Some of the tasks we can cover include:

  • Processing orders & invoices
  • FMS to Finest reconciliation
  • Petty cash processing & reconciliation
  • Personnel documentation
  • Processing supply & additional hours claims
  • Pupil & personnel data returns

If you need any bursar/finance support in your school for short-term or long-term cover, you can rest assured that you will receive a professional, quality service, tailored to your school’s individual needs. Our team of Finance Advisers have extensive knowledge of  working in primary and secondary schools and academies meaning we can offer a friendly practical solution to meet your needs.

£260 per day

Start-Up Service

Start Up Service – Are you considering academisation?

With our support your academy will be able to open on day one with an effective chart of accounts which reflects the required reporting structure and supports the production of year end financial statements and all DfE submissions required in the first year. This combined service will provide:

  • Electronic chart of accounts and mapping tool
  • Conversion Planner checklist
  • Finance Policy template

PLUS: 2 half-days working with you to:

  • Create user defined management reports
  • Advise on funding and accounting difference for the new academy
  • Account for inherited assets


Recruitment of Finance Staff

Recruitment of Finance Staff

  • Support the process
  • Help with shortlisting
  • Question setting for interview
  • Training/Induction

£341 per day

Benefits of Subscription


  • Ensure excellent value for money
  • Ease the burden of financial management with on-going support, help at year-end and assistance with everyday financial processing
  • Ensure you meet regulatory and reporting requirements
  • Increase integrity of financial and management information upon which strategic decisions are made
  • Boost school finance staff skill sets



Core Subscription – for schools and single budget federations

  • Please note that schools within federations with separate budgets and finance systems will require separate SLAs £1178


  • Additional Consultancy Days can be purchased only as an addition to the core subscription £341

Bursar Service

  • Additional Bursar Service Days can be purchased only as an addition to the core subscription £260


  • Additional Consultancy Days can be purchased as required £341

Start Up Service £655

Schools Financial Health Check £POA

Thank you for the work you did on reviewing our Pupil Premium allocation and expenditure. Coincidentally, Ofsted arrived two days after your visit and we were able to confidently discuss our Pupil Premium expenditure and impact.

Pupil Premium Allocation and Expenditure Review

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