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primary school buildingFor the most current and up-to-date information relating to COVID-19 and support for schools and settings during the wider re-opening phase, please visit our COVID-19 webpage. Any COVID-19 resources on our team pages are still relevant and useful but are more general or relate to earlier phases of lockdown and partial school closures. Many of our general resources will also be useful at this time.


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Pride Month, June

In addition to the 15 titles for June and in support of Pride Month we now have primary and secondary reading lists on LGBTQ+ themes. Please contact us for full book lists.


Sports Booklist

June sees the start of several major sporting events such as Euro 2020, Wimbledon and the US Golf Open, with the Olympics following closely behind. So for this month’s ’15 Titles’ we have chosen the theme of Sports.

Our experienced Library Advisors have selected a range of books for KS1&2 and Teen titles, 15 in each list.

You can purchase them at a special price for the set or order individual titles, subscribing schools can opt to have these as part of their exchange allocation. Please contact us for full book lists.

Email us at or ring us at the Centre on 01392 287244.



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