Kathryn White

I was born in Bradford on Avon in 1956 close to a small canal into which I fell when I was only 3 years old. Thankfully, my father was sitting beside me at the time, chatting cheerfully to my older brother who was fishing when I took the dive and scared them both to death. Ha, that’ll teach them to relax.

Warning! Never lean too far over the side of a canal wall – gravity actually works: it will pull you in.

Just as well my father saved me as I then went to school, met an awesome English teacher who read us even more awesome books, such as Emil and the Detectives and other exciting tales. I adored English because we not only read great stories, but also encouraged to try and write them ourselves in class. I wasn’t so hot on maths, geography, science, P.E. home economics, R.E. and music. Art was acceptable.

Given that English and Art were my strongest subjects, I decided to leave school at the early age of 16 and discover the real world. I travelled to Italy as an au pair, worked in hotels in London and generally met as many people and saw as many places before I reached 17 as I could manage. What I’d do after 18 was to remain a mystery until…

I made it to the Lake District where I fell in love, moved to Oxford and married my now husband. I had our big family, visited the library, also bought our children more books, read them and started to write myself. Alongside this, I qualified as a TESOL and have enjoyed hosting teenagers from China, France, Italy and other countries and teaching English.

I have written over thirty titles ranging from picture books: Here Comes The Crocodile has sold over 100,000 copies and into many countries, to Young Adult Novels such as Balance. Other titles were commissioned specially to fit into an educational publisher’s list. Beast Hunter and Sea Wolf, my latest titles with Bloomsbury are selling well and used in literacy sessions in schools across the U.K.

Here Comes The Crocodile, was shortlisted for the Nottingham and Sheffield Children’s Book Awards. Ruby’s School Walk was shortlisted for the Boston Globe US, Best Read Aloud Book Awards. My first title, When They Fight was published in the U.S. and selected as a Notable Book for Social Studies by the Libraries Service.

I have been visiting schools and festivals, including Edinburgh, Cheltenham, Bath and Sheffield, for over twenty years and enjoy working with children of all ages.

I have been an active campaigner for Save our Libraries and have worked in the prison service to promote creative writing through my workshops with inmates.

I am active on social media such as Twitter  @kathryniwhite or visit www.kathrynwhite.net or www.kitwhite.co.uk. Further information can be found on Wikipedia.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kathryn_White

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