Tim Bowler

Tim Bowler is one of the UK's most compelling and original writers for teenagers. He has been described by the Sunday Telegraph as 'the master of the psychological thriller' and by the Independent as 'one of the truly individual voices in British teenage fiction'. He was born in Leigh-on-Sea and after studying Swedish at University, he worked in forestry, the timber trade, teaching and translating before becoming a full-time writer. He lives in a small Devon village and works in a small wooden hut known to family and friends as 'Tim's Bolthole'.

Tim has written over twenty books for teenagers and won fifteen awards, including the prestigious Carnegie Medal, the pre-eminent award in British children's fiction. His works include River Boy, Storm Catchers, Starseeker, Apocalypse, Frozen Fire, Bloodchild, Buried Thunder, Sea of Whispers, Night Runner, Game Changer and the BLADE series. Tim's stories are deep, mystical and scary, yet at the same time lyrical, intense and profoundly moving. They ask big questions and take the reader on a journey that is never quite what it seems.

Tim has written since the age of five. He once said, 'I'm passionate about stories. They're strange, magical things and they work upon us like alchemy. The great stories in our cultures travel with us through life. They become part of our spiritual bloodstream. They move us, entertain us, shock us, transform us. I love writing about teenagers. They're so complex and fascinating. They're not children or adults but a species all their own with more voices in their heads than a choir. Writing about teenagers involves remembering one's own younger voices and listening for them again.'

'Vivid, frightening and tender, this dark and stimulating allegory has the merit of asking as many questions as it answers, yet still reaches a proper resolution.' Sunday Times Children's Book of the Week on Apocalypse

'A thundering read, full of challenging ideas, strong emotions and layers of plotting. Bowler is a fearless writer with complex, demanding ideas….utterly compelling.'

The Guardian on Starseeker

Further information can be found on Tim’s website: www.timbowler.co.uk  

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